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Makani pet services, inspection services for Keauhou Veterinary Hospital.

Moving can be stressful, we know it is compounded when you involve relocating your furry family members. We have complied a list of things to help you prepare for this new adventure.

1) TAKE A DEEP BREATH we are here to help. You may have a lot of questions on how to prepare your pet for the trip. The requirements to move to Hawaii can seem daunting and the time frame in which everything has to happen can be frightening. The best way to start this process is to print out the check list from the State Website.

2) READ THE FINE PRINT. You can’t believe how often people miss a very simple but important detail simply because they didn’t read the fine print. Everything you will need to know about the direct release program is on the State of Hawaii’s website. Please know we are here to help and can answer any question you may have.

Monday – Friday 7:30am-5pm
Please contact us prior to booking your flight.
Please contact us for Special Holiday Schedule Oct- January
Please be advised We do not meet arrivals on all major holidays Christmas eve, Christmas day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Thanksgiving, Memorial day, Fourth of July, Labor day, or Juneteenth.

If your flight gets canceled, rescheduled or diverted prior to your arrival contact us immediately BEFORE accepting airline changes. We are not always available for airline delays and may need them to transfer arrival to following day.

-$300.00 for New Direct Release Clients
-$200.00 for Established Direct Release Clients
-$100.00 for each additional pet on the same flight
-Private Aircraft and the Kona Shuttle: Call for availability and pricing

Please ask us about special holiday scheduling Oct- January

Please be aware that there are restrictions for certain carriers. We are only able to do inspections for Alaska Airlines or United Airlines. American Airlines will only fly service animals who fly in the cabin into Kailua Kona. American Airline flight inspections are subject to special approval, please contact our office for availability. We cannot do inspections for Delta Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, or Southwest Airlines.

Please contact us for pricing and availability. 808-322-2988
To learn more about Direct Airport Release, click here.
For addition information please visit

Please be aware there is a non-refundable $50.00 processing fee, if for any reason, should you need to cancel or change your flight after we have processed your inspection request.


Animal Quaratine Branch

3) TIMING IS EVERYTHING. You need plenty of time for all of the tests and vaccines to be given and to be up to date. You need your paper work submitted to the State sooner than later. Remember if you are coming directly into Kona you must send all paperwork and book the flight at least 30 days in advance so the Department of Agriculture can make sure your permit gets to you before your departure date. Schedule your inspection with us at this time. You cannot get your permit for entry into Kona without this very important step. Permits are only issued to pets with a confirmed inspection.

4) DOCUMENTATION!!! Get copies of all of your pets records when you go in for your health certificate. You need to schedule the appointment for the health certificate within the 10 days prior to your flight. Get any medications you may need refilled, remember you are going to be busy setting up the house when you arrive. The last thing you want is to be scrambling trying to get medication for your pet when you arrive. Make sure your vet on the mainland applies the proper flea and tick preventive to your pet in their office prior to travel. Make sure they documented this on the Health certificate. KEEP ORIGINALS (State issued permit and Health Certificate documents) with you at all time. Put COPIES ONLY on your pets carrier. Your originals will be collected during the inspection process.

5) TRAVEL IN STYLE. Make sure the carrier you use can properly accommodate your pet. Make sure it is an airline approved carrier. Your pet needs to be able to stand up, turn around and lay down comfortably. Remember to have 2 bowls that attach to the cage door, make sure you put a zip tie on the cage door so that the door does not come open. That way we know that your pet has not been tampered with. Make sure they have something soft to lay on like a towel that can also absorb any mess should they need to use the bathroom during their trip.

6) ALL AIRLINES ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL: Not all airlines allow direct release into Kona, make sure if you are applying to come directly into Kona that the carrier you chose is familiar with the rules and the regulations before your flight. Your flight must leave the mainland US and arrive directly in Kona. We do offer inspections for Alaska and United airlines daily. American Airline flights are subject to the availability of our inspector so please call prior to booking your flights. Please note that we do not do inspections for DELTA or Hawaiian Airlines.

7) TEMPERATURE MATTERS: Please check with Airline and find out about the temperature from your departure and the temperature at your final destination. Cargo holds can get very cold during flight and very hot when they are sitting on the tarmac.

8) PHONE A FRIEND: We are here to help. Please call 808-322-2988 if you have questions or concerns. We can help you navigate through the paperwork. Our email is if you need to have records emailed to us. We will have them in our computer system so that any of our highly trained staff will be able to look up all of your information should you need assistance at any time.

9) CHECK THE LIST AGAIN: A couple days before your flight go through the check list again. Do you have your pet’s Health Certificate and the state issued permit? Have you called the airline to confirm your flight and your pet’s flight? Call us and let us know you are still coming or let us know if there are any changes in your plans. Do you have your pets medications? Are you smiling yet?

10) ALOHA: Say goodbye, and hello to your new adventure. We will be there at the airport to meet you and your pet’s flight. We will inspect your pet and collect your paperwork, and then you can let your new adventure begin…… E KOMO MAI, Welcome to Hawaii.